26.09.2014 Windows C++ Developer
25.09.2014 C++/ Unity 3D Engineer
26.06.2013 Technical PM // Berlin
26.06.2013 iOS or Android Developer...
27.02.2013 Senior Java Developer
10.08.2012 Senior Flash Engineer
10.08.2012 iOS developer, travel com...
10.08.2012 RoR position in Munich
10.08.2012 Android Developer / Mobil...
10.08.2012 iOS / Android - mobile ap...
10.08.2012 RoR / E-commerce
10.08.2012 RoR - Social Gaming
10.08.2012 Big Data developer Hambur...
10.08.2012 Product Owner - Berlin
10.08.2012 Product Manager - Munich...
10.08.2012 Tech Lead - PHP
10.08.2012 CTO - Berlin
10.08.2012 Project Manager - Berlin...
10.08.2012 Startup project - PHP
10.08.2012 Senior Software Engineer-...
21.05.2012 Flash Developer
21.05.2012 CTO - start up project
21.05.2012 Senior Developer - Python
21.05.2012 CTO- ecommerce platform
21.05.2012 Senior PHP developer
12.03.2012 Java Back-end Engineer
12.03.2012 Java Enterprise/ OSGI Eng...
12.03.2012 Scrum Master
12.03.2012 Javascript Expert
12.03.2012 HTML5/AJAX Frontend engin...
12.03.2012 PHP Backend Game Develope...
12.03.2012 Java Entwickler
12.03.2012 .Net Developer
12.03.2012 PHP Payments developer
12.03.2012 FREELANCE J2EE/Java Entwi...
12.03.2012 FREELANCE SCRUM Master mi...
12.03.2012 Ruby on Rails Developer
12.03.2012 PHP- Architekt für Inhou...
12.03.2012 Frontend Architect
12.03.2012 Senior QA Engineer
12.03.2012 Linux System Administrato...
12.03.2012 Ruby Developer
12.03.2012 System Administrator (Lin...
12.03.2012 JavaScript Developer
12.03.2012 Java Backend Developer
12.03.2012 Ruby on Rails Lead at Rep...
12.03.2012 Ruby on Rails Freelancer...
12.03.2012 Ruby on Rails Developer
12.03.2012 PHP Backend Developer
12.03.2012 Java Engineer
12.03.2012 Magento developer
12.03.2012 Software Engineer
12.03.2012 Software Developer Portal
09.03.2012 CTO
09.03.2012 Database Developer
09.03.2012 Business Analyst
09.03.2012 PHP/Magento
09.03.2012 CTO
09.03.2012 Javascript Developer
How we work

The strength and quality of our service delivery lies not only in the expertise of our consultants and technicians, but also in the meticulousness of our processes. Each mandate is carried out in line with our key project management stages:

1. In-depth discussion with an experienced search consultant to establish your overall requirements.

2. Comprehensive technical consultation to define your product vision and technology-specific requirements.

3. Search the market for the perfect fit for your specification – we don't advertise other than on our website, so our approach is headhunt only, using referrals and recommendations, and our powerful database of previously screened candidates.

4. Thorough assessment, including technical screening, of each potential candidate against the criteria established through stages 1 and 2.

5. Introduction to the client and facilitation of the interview process, from the first meeting right through to closing the employment offer on your behalf.

We believe that the high levels of client satisfaction we experience are due to the importance we place on each of these stages, and in particular on the quality of the technical screening we apply to each role.

Oct 2013Team Lead, Amsterdam

Design, build and support server-side software for the client's high traffic Platform in Java and C++. Working with the VP of Engineering and other members of a very small team to define and execute the company's high-scalable technology strategy and cloud vision.

Oct 2013CTO, Berlin

A multinational, midsized Internet business. Working as the technical counterpart of the CEO driving the product vision and overseeing the entire technology department consisting of 30 technicians divided across 6 Scrum (Agile) teams.

Oct 2013Scrum Master, Switzerland

Organization of all operational activities of 2 internal and 3 external teams in collaboration with the development managers and supporting the optimization of business processes and structures.

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